Low Price Tyre Guarantee We’ll match competitor’s price on selected tyres we stock.1

    Always get great prices on the most trusted tyre brands. We’re committed to keeping our prices as competitive as possible, but if you do find the same tyres at a lower price, we’ll match it within 30 days of purchase, guaranteed.

    Big names. Great prices.

    Whether you’re a city driver, off-roader or take pride in performance, we stock the right tyre at the right price.

    • Good Year
    • Dunlop
    • Bridgestone
    • Continental
    • Pirelli
    • Michelin
    • BF Goodrich
    • Firestone
    • General Tire

    Nobody knows your Ford like we do.

    Every service, you’ll get a Vehicle Report Card which includes the condition of your tyres and other items. If they need to be replaced, our Ford Service Technicians can factory-fit the right tyres to the correct specifications.

    Maintenance and safety.

    Our Ford Service Technicians are experts in helping prolong the life of your tyres, while improving performance and comfort.

    Wheel Alignment

    We’ll ensure the wheels are positioned at the correct angle to the road.

    We Know Performance

    Love a little adventure? We’ve got the tyres, the experience and the know-how to get your Ford ready to perform like a hero.

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